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Lange 1 / Darth Vader

Till rising and gliding out I wander’d off by myself, / In the mystical moist night-air, and from time to time, / Look’d up in perfect silence at the stars. - Walt Whitman . . . . #alangesohne #lange1moonphase #moonphasewatch #lange #langenation #alangesoehne #horology #watchphotography #macrophotography #watchmacro #macrowatchphotography #watchnerd #watchgeek #watchfam #puristspro #watchprosite #watchpurists

Absolutely amazing #Nautilus ✅ Follow @russianwatchclub 📷 Photo by: @watchrookiee

Sometimes we only have a few hours to transform a complex event set-up into a completely new ambience overnight for our clients' guests. This is what happened during the Classic Days at Schloss Dyck this August. The House of Lange, developed in cooperation with @donebyghosts, was an exclusive gala dinner location in the evening and - over night- transformed into a showroom, exhibition and garden lounge. These are exactly the challenges we love about our job. Classic Days Schloss Dyck, Jüchen 2019 photocredit @ben_gierig #eventagency #notrocketscience #eventmanager #eventsetup #eventwork #eventproductions #agencywork #projectmanagers #digitalservices #marketingspecialist #crewlove #momentsmoneycantbuy #alangesoehne #watchmaking #schlossdyck #classicdaysdyck #classiccars #classiccarrally #vintagecars

Echter Dresdner Christstollen and on top the Lange 1. What a lovely christmas greeting in the mail! Both of these will be enjoyed for christmas with my family. Vielen dank @langepedia und @alangesoehne #lange1 #alangesoehne #alangesohne # #dresdnerchriststollen #christmas

A rare #RoyalOak #Offshore Michael Schumacher Limited Edition! Would you wear it?🤔 Only 1000 made! ✅ Follow me 👉🏼 @russianwatchclub for more incredible watches 📷 Photo by: @time4diamonds

During our event, we were extremely lucky to get our hands on a demonstration piece for The Odysseus. The Odysseus is our first sporty-elegant timepiece in stainless steel featuring a screw-down crown and water resistant to 12 bar making it the ideal watch for all occasions. Located on the left side of the dial is the day display. The letters are set in white against the blue background making it clearly legible. Ref: 363.179 - #alangesoehne #alangesohne #lange #langenation #odysseus #watchesofinstagram #luxurywatches #watch #luxurylifestyle

腕時計でも洋服でも、 あらゆるものを カスタマイズして使う。 メーカーやブランド側から見れば 、自分は “破壊者” かもしれない。 ・ As a watch manufacturer, you might be thinking of a single model, including a strap. But I customize it myself without using any of the included straps. From the manufacturer's perspective, I might be a destroyer. ・ #wristwatch #alangesoehne #lange1 #watchcollector #watchmania #watchstraps #handmade #customize #ordermade #vintage #italian #natostrap #a2jacket #warart #腕時計 #ウォッチ #ランゲアンドゾーネ #カスタマイズ #オーダーメイド #オリジナル #フライトジャケット #ノーズアート

The RM 014 Tourbillon Marine perfectly evokes the beauty of ocean racing with many marine inspired details reflected in numerous structures of the watch. Red Quartz TPT®️. ✅ Follow @russianwatchclub 📷 Photo by: @richardmilleofficial

If you had a wish... 🎅🏼💫 #alangesoehne #langesoehne #wristwatch

The movement’s signature complication, the date, is now twice as large as the original 2003 release, aimed to be easily read with a quick glance. Characterizing the F.P.Journe Lune is the moonphase, made from a sapphire disc, positioned and elegantly curved onto the dial. ✅ Follow @russianwatchclub for more incredible watches 📷 Photo by: @fpjourneofficial

#Repost @jpstempels ・・・ Of course we do not live in a perfect world but we at Wempe like to inspire our customers day by day at least with our ideas of perfect gifts and perfect luxurious settings like the one my great team staged at our store at the Maximilianstrasse in Munich (and in every other Wempe branch around the world anyway). Happy Sinterklaas Day to all of you! #wempe #luxury #perfectgift #bestteam #rolex #patekphilippe #alangesoehne #cartier #jaegerlecoultre #panerai #chopard #tudor #iwc #piaget #montblanc #ulyssenardin #glashuetteoriginal #breguet #rogerdebuis #vacheronconstantin

Of course we do not live in a perfect world but we at Wempe like to inspire our customers day by day at least with our ideas of perfect gifts and perfect luxurious settings like the one my great team staged at our store at the Maximilianstrasse in Munich (and in every other Wempe branch around the world anyway). Happy Sinterklaas Day to all of you! #wempe #luxury #perfectgift #bestteam #rolex #patekphilippe #alangesoehne #cartier #jaegerlecoultre #panerai #chopard #tudor #iwc #piaget #montblanc #ulyssenardin #glashuetteoriginal #breguet #rogerdebuis #vacheronconstantin

Posted @withrepost@luxurycans Good morning 🎶☕️🎶☕️Have a wonderful week 🌞🌞🌞A.Lange&Söhne 1815 "Homage to Walter Lange" 💙⚡️💙⚡️💙Limited to 90 timepieces🎩🎩🎩 #watchco2019 #watchesofinstagram #watchcollector #watchoftheday #watchaddict #luxurycans #langenation #watchnerd #watchfam #watch #dapper #rolexero #dappermen #dailywatch #dapperstyle #gent #gentlemen #gentleman #wristwatch #timepiece #reloj #relogio #orologio #montre #alangesoehne #mensfashionpost #menwithstyle #menwithclass #mensfashion #mensstyle

1815 Chronograph PG Diameter 39.5 mm Height 11mm Power Reserve 60 hours Chronograph with flyback and precisely jumping minute counter. #alangesoehne #1815 #Chronograph #flyback

Good morning 🎶🍹🎶🍹Have a wonderful friday 🌞🌞🌞A.Lange&Söhne 1815 "Homage to Walter Lange" 💙⚡️💙⚡️💙Limited to 90 timepieces🎩🎩🎩 Montblanc Great Characters Leonardo da Vinci Limited Edition ✒️✒️✒️ #watchesofinstagram #watchcollector #watchoftheday #watchaddict #luxurycans #langenation #montblancfountainpen #watchfam #watch #dapper #rolexero #dappermen #dailywatch #dapperstyle #gent #gentlemen #gentleman #wristwatch #timepiece #reloj #relogio #orologio #montre #alangesoehne #mensfashionpost #menwithstyle #menwithclass #mensfashion #mensstyle #lange1815

The third one in the list with Top 5 watches from @Chrono24 according to Tomasz of @CH24PL is the extra classy A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Up/Down. It is no surprise to me,⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✅ Follow 👉 @russianwatchclub for more incredible watches ⠀ 📷 @nycwatchguy⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Aaand a new @alangesoehne boutique is born! @alangesoehne Seoul Boutique is finally in operation at @galleriadept East. Congratulations to the team in Korea! // Photo credit to @thehaesus

갤러리아 명품관 East 지하1층 랑에 단독 직영 부틱 오픈했습니다. #랑에운트죄네 #랑에 #시계스타그램 #alangesoehne Seoul Boutique

A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia and Hugo Boss x Meissen ความเป็นเยอรมันเพิ่มขึ้นสามเท่าตัว #alangesoehne #saxonia #langeuhren #hugoboss #hugobossxmeissen #boss #meissenerporzellan #watches #watch #watchesofinstagram #luxur #watches #watch #watchesofinstagram #luxury #watchoftheday #watchfam #fashion #watchaddict #luxurylifestyle #watchgeek #watchcollector #horology #timepiece #picoftheday

คลิปนี้สำหรับคนที่กำลังจะหาของขวัญ Merry Christmas ตัวเองอยู่ครับ Odysseus นาฬิกาสปอร์ตเต็มตัวรุ่นแรกของ A. Lange & Söhne #worldofwatches #wowthailand #alangesoehne #odysseus

Darth Vader / Red Strap

Who loves amazing orange strap on this stunning Aquanaut? 😍 #5968 #patek ✅ Follow me 👉 @russianwatchclub for more incredible watches 📷 Photo by: @thewatchclub

Hello from Munich! 🎅🏼🎄🌟 #alangesoehne #langesoehne #munich #wristwatch #langenation

#submariner , #seadweller or #gmtmaster2 Which is Your choice?😉 ✅ Follow me 👉 @russianwatchclub for more luxury watch content 📷 Photo by: @time4diamonds

The last of its line; Langematik Perpetual in honey gold, limited to 100 pieces. Introduced in SIHH 2019. A worthy final to a spectacular collection. * The Langematik Perpetual was first introduced in 2001 with the spectacular Sax-0-Mat movement; which takes its name from its zero-reset function. It was also the first perpetual calendar with a big date of Lange. The dial design though what intrigues me. It is done so well and characteristic, if you’d delete the A. Lange & Söhne stamp from the dial, you’d still know this is a watch from Saxony and from Lange. Designed based on the Bauhaus principles, the information hierarchy is easily understandable. As one needs the date most often, it is the most prominent function on the dial and the rest is spread out inside the sub-dials. The applied, honey gold Roman numerals are just fantastic and adds an eye-catching depth to the dial. Moreover, special to this edition, the hours’ chapter ring features a radial pattern which adds more liveliness and depth. The recessed pusher at 10 o’clock advances all calendar functions by a day when pressed, allowing for easy adjustment when the watch is in the safe for some days-weeks. The movement is impeccable as usual from Lange. Featuring a solid-gold mid-sized rotor with a superb engraving. The rest is finely ribbed, untreated German Silver three-quarter plate, mirror polished escape wheel cap, superb anglage and hand-engraving... A splendid last hurrah for an almost 20 years old collection. * As always, thank you all for your time and support!

Bam! Grey-on-gold-on-grey is one lethal combo! Haven’t been this impressed with the Saxonia since the Saxonia Thin in copper blue. 😍 Good to be reminded this exists! // Photo credit to @shauny898

煙雨蒙蒙 進去騙杯飲料喝...... #mix&mix #kingkongwatches #wintertaipei #langesaxonia #alangesoehne #langeannualcalender

What’s your thoughts about this extra thin #Tourbillon ?🤔 • Follow me 👉🏼 @russianwatchclub for more watches 📷 Photo by: @audemarspiguet_fans

To reach for the stars ... 🌟 #alangesoehne #1815moonphase #luxe178 #watchesofinstagram #purists #smallluxuryworld

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It has been almost 20 years since this one’s introduction. Constructed on the gorgeous Sax-0-Mat caliber and was Lange’s first watch to feature a perpetual calendar module. It is as distinct today as it was in 2001 with a pure Lange DNA both in technicality and visuals. Langematik Perpetual in platinum; with German inscriptions. * The “Langematik” saga started in 1997 with the Sax-0-Mat, the first automatic movement of the brand. At the time, after the introduction in 1994, the company was growing big. Yet the demand both from POSs and public was above the output. However, I remember reading Günter Blümlein’s “Even the Kaiser Wilhelm had to wait one year for his watch after the order” comment on the delivery times. Comes as no surprise though, Lange came out with a complete distinct image and approach to watchmaking from its design to finishing and practices like “double-assembly” all watches where even today no one else is doing. And quality speaks for itself. * Langematik Perpetual is a perfectly wearable watch, measuring 38,5 x 10,5 mm. The sub-dial arrangement and the details are so well thought out. Sub-dials at 3 and 9 sits just below the center to create a symmetry between the big date and small seconds. The only thing I do not understand is the leap year indication’s position as in why is it not inside of the sub-dial. Yet; it is fair to say, it adds just the right amount of break in the symmetry and something going on in the dial. The different layers of the dial are sharp and applied Roman Numerals rise beautifully. * As the philosophy of Lange, movement should fill up the case back at all times. Thus; for this one, the movement measures 75% of the case diameter. The 21k solid gold rotor with platinum mass sits on the three quarter plate, does not block the gorgeous view of the warm German Silver, gold chatons and engraved balance cock. The rotor winds up to both directions. Other than aesthetics of course, the technical highlight of the watch is the zero-reset; i.e. seconds hand go to zero when the crown is pulled. Overall, an ingenious piece on all aspects that deserves more attention. * As always, thank you all for your time!

The ODYSSEUS’s newly developed movement L155.1 DATOMATIC is a result of 312 parts working in harmony. The rotor with the platinum centrifugal mass covers the three-quarter plate made of German silver. The automatic winding mechanism, the gear train and the mainspring which has a power reserve of 50 hours are all located between the three-quarter plate and the main plate. The new date-and-day mechanism is arranged on the dial side. Like all other A. Lange & Söhne movements, L155.1 DATOMATIC is assembled twice to ensure perfection in timekeeping and beauty. — #alangesoehne  #odysseusdatomatic #perfectioninmovement

The gold chaton has already been a typical element of the historic pocket watches of A. Lange & Söhne. It was used as a flexible mounting of the bearing jewels. Small deviations in their sizes could thus be better compensated and their replacement was possible with less effort. Today, these gold chatons no longer have a technical purpose, but are still used for aesthetic reasons. In our new ODYSSEUS, a screwed gold chaton secures the upper bearing jewel of the escape-wheel arbor. — #alangesoehne #odysseusdatomatic #perfectioninmovement

Thrilled to be heading to London for this! Come say hello if you’re in town Sept 20-23. 💃🏼🇬🇧 Posted @withrepost@sothebys “Making Time” - Over the past three years, Canadian artist and illustrator Julie Kraulis’ giant hand-sketched drawings of vintage and modern timepieces have become a sensation in the watch community. Each of her incredibly detailed and realistic sketches is one-of-a-kind and can take up to 450 hours and 100 pencils to complete. From 20 until 23 September, a selection of her works will be exhibited in our #London galleries, alongside 139 timepieces from our 24 September Watches auction. The drawings on view will depict models of watches in the forthcoming auction, including a Rolex Submariner 5513, an Omega Speedmaster and a Lange & Söhne Datograph (pictured here). Make time to come and see! #Sothebyswatches @juliekraulis #alangesoehne @alangesoehne #alangesoehnedatograph #watchwednesday

The free-sprung balance of our new ODYSSEUS was especially designed for its calibre, the L155.1 DATOMATIC. It is regulated with four countersunk poising screws that are flush with the outside of the balance-wheel rim. Thanks to this arrangement, there is less turbulence despite the higher frequency. It is the first time that an A. Lange & Söhne watch ticks with four Hertz. — #alangesoehne #odysseusdatomatic #perfectioninmovement

So, the Odysseus! This is a long one. So please also proceed to comment section. The second part of the series is going to focus on the watch itself. In the future, all will be listed under #langepediaodysseus hashtag for your easy navigation. I would like thank all who literally bombarded my DM box for days and exchanged their views. It means and helps a lot and I enjoyed every bit of our discussions, thank you! * In this post, I would like to offer my views regarding the most common critiques to the brand’s path quote “me too watch” and “money grabbing”. * In recent years numerous houses came up with their iteration of so-called sporty models. It would be accurate to state most of this impulse comes from the society’s rapid shift to the sporty-chic style fashion trend and look for watches that they can combine it with. In the end, this trend granted an unprecedented popularity to the segment and more to iconic designs such as Royal Oak and Nautilus after 40 years of existence. When people say that the Odysseus is a “me too” watch - just because it has blue dial, steel and introduced in such hot period - it is a mistake and prejudice. It was not Introduced after its biggest competitors move neither from the same designer, nor with the same movement. Keeping these in mind, putting this watch such a moniker - while it finally offers a distinctive dial with full Lange DNA, an exclusive (which I’m going to get to this in detail) movement - is not right. It is completely subjective to dislike the piece and I fully respect that, yet it is bright as day that the piece is original and has the LANGE DNA which is a great thing for me to say: this is Lange’s interpretation of what a sporty-elegant watch be like and it succeeds exactly that. As Abernathy suggested in 1975, product categories have a dominant design (one design that wins the allegiance of the marketplace) and for the segment, the most striking and harmonious is blue. It also has future implications but here is not the place. It is kind of like my friend @recoveringwatchaholic says; in f1 cars, you have certain rules and you can tweak but the big picture stays the same. Please proceed to comments —

The bracelet of the ODYSSEUS consists of 260 components. The different links have chamfered edges and a satin brush on the surface, providing a soft and comfortable feeling. Those positioned between the lugs are the widest. The closer they get to the safety deployant buckle the narrower they become. The bracelet can easily be opened to remove individual or add additional links by activating small pressure points on various links. — #alangesoehne   #odysseusdatomatic #perfectioninmovement

Quite possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever posted: The Tourbillon Pour le Mérite in white gold with blue dial, 18 pieces in total. * This watch is the beginning mark of the differentiated and innovative thinking at Lange; which then embodied with many pieces like the Datograph, Double and Triple Split, Cabaret Tourbillon, Zeitwerk etc… What makes this watch extremely special though the people behind. Having the inputs from no other than Blümlein, Walter Lange, Meis and Giulio Papi himself, it is a product of the master brains, that resulted in the creation of a legend. The diversification of the total number is: 149 in gold, 50 in platinum and 1 in steel. * For those who are curious regarding the two spheres in the tourbillon cage: The tourbillon cage has a “Center of mass error” because of the escapement wheel plus the anchor are on one side of the cage. With this eccentric weights which are possible to adjust, it is possible to balance the mass in the center of the cage. Nowadays thogh, the cages have one pillar made of solid gold across the escapement to balance it out. Thanks to my Tourbograph assembler friend! * As always, thank you all for your time and support!

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