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/ “You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it. From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, ‘Look at that, you son of a bitch.” ~Edgar Mitchell, Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 14, 6th human being to walk on the Moon. ______________________ Moonlight dancing through our palm trees. #fullmoonlanding #moonlanding capricornfullmoon #fullmooneclipse #wholisticluxury

/ SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON STORY: THE RITUALIST We finally got around to introducing our interview series with the beautiful people we work with, who support us, and who inspire us. It always takes a while for stories to start interweaving and layering, but they do so eventually, making our life richer and better for it. We wanted to shine the light onto the people who help us do what we do, and show you how and why our ethos and stars are aligned / One such story is that of our Byron Bay exclusive stockist @shackpalace. Although, 'stockist' does not do this place justice. 'Temple of Bespoke Objects' perhaps? You get my drift, it's special alright, and we're beyond blessed to be sitting on those holy dark wood shelves, handpicked by founder and owner Samara Macchia herself, the high priestess of daily rituals and soulful objects. / Our interview with Samara is a beautiful Monday read, I hope will inspire you all to take more little moments each day ritualising routines and chores. Lighting a candle might be as close to prayer as a lot of us will ever get these days. / Up on our blog now, link is in bio, enjoy! _________________ #shackpalacerituals #samaramacchia #interview #wholisticluxury

Hey there, As I’ve taken full charge of the @lepaar insta show, Christo will wield his scepter in the @nokingempire from now on. — He IS the Original No King. The quiet visionary magician behind the scenes, and it’s time for him to shine his sunny light on this side of our Whole. — It’ll be Christo‘s journey, and I can’t wait to indulge in his rich tapestry and wondrous musings. Don’t expect much hose talk - there’s only so much one can say about gardenhoses, let’s face it. — Stay or go as you please, and if you miss me, I’m just a click over at @lepaar showing you my side of Whole. Be nice to him my friends! Johanna x — #wholisticluxury #noking #christo

/ ENTER THE FULL MOON WOMAN Rise with this Saturday's full Moon in badass Scorpio – woman or man, moonwalker or daydreamer, we'll all be sucker-punched by it's extroverted, tough love, Amazonian '[email protected] #k You' energy, that may feel a little hardcore, restless and excessive. / What to do? Since we're all born with only two middle fingers, consider purging and purifying through art and creation. If it's your thing, hold a smoky quartz crystal to stay connected with Mother Earth, release the onslaught of negative energy, and help heal surfacing traumas, anxiety, and overcoming addiction. / Creation with a side of hell raising, perhaps. Whichever way, call on your primal feminine powers for protection, 'it will never fail' x _____________ #scorpiofullmoonrising #fullmoonrising #fullmoonwoman #primalmother #laotzu #tao #taoteching #wholisticluxury

/ “that stone Buddha deserves all the  birdshit it gets I wave my skinny arms like a tall  flower in the wind” ~ Ikkyu 'Crow with No Mouth' / Zen master Ikkyu Sojun (1394-1481) was a Japanese monk-poet-calligrapher-musician who celebrated erotic love and attained satori (Enlightenment) upon hearing a crow call. Appointed headmaster at Daitokuji, the great temple in Kyoto, he lasted nine days before denouncing the rampant hypocrisy among the monks. He invited them to look for him in the sake parlors of the Pleasure Quarters. _______ 'Rysunki (Drawing) 661' by 笹本 正明 @masaakisasamoto #Ikkyu #Ikkyusjun #zen #theprinciplesofzen #hackerszen #satori #wholisticluxury

/ End-of-the-world road trip back to Sydney through thick clouds of Eucalypt smoke, and with mercurial air conditioning. Arrived thoroughly smoke-cleansed, teary-eyed and husky-voiced. Guess we should listen to the news every now and then, because that sure was a day to stay in the Valley and breathe pristine Mountain air. On the upside, all orders have been shipped, please excuse the double holiday delay. x ____ #burnoff #M5 #wholisticluxury

/ WE ALL COME FROM THE SAME PLACE Last day of a 2 week country holiday in our beloved Kangaroo Valley. Christo installed the roof trusses on our new workshop - thanks to @meccacoffee and Dino; I painted the whole exterior of the house the softest mushroom rose I call 'Steiner Pink' using donated leftover Porters lime wash; Sienna the teenager learned how to make pizza, lasagne and chocolate pear cake; and we had near zero screen time (yeah, us - not the teenager). / I also harvested all the fat green tomatoes that decided to sow themselves in the patch we sprinkled my friend Vivi's @rawsisterhood ashes last year with Ekke, and made a kick-arse green tomato chutney to celebrate her birthday yesterday. Viva la Vida beautiful girl - you’re in my heart, my thoughts, and my chutney.✌️ ________ Yamamoto Masao 'A box of ku-1 #wholisticluxury _________

/ "If you don't have a sword in your nature, you can't hold your line" ~Christo / Epic wax sealing session today with this little stamp made for us by @kustomhaus Melbourne, and the world's best vinyl-free but ultra flammable sealing wax crafted by Herbin Paris. The whole place is fragrant with the scent of pine resin and warm beeswax, and I did not singe my eyebrows, or anything else in the studio. ________ #waxseal #ancientwisdom #zen #wholisticluxury

/ ALL THAT REMAINS Beautiful hand inked prints by Bryan Nash Gill, using remnants of tree stumps to create large scale records of trees that have been felled. / Today was such a soft, meandering Full Moon day – came down to dig for clay in the river beds and held an impromptu workshop with's girls and my daughter, Christo got stuck into building the workshop, I painted the new deck and fluffed around an enormous amount of time with flower pots and baskets, then we started making green tomato chutney. And now, dinner's on the open fire, we've opened a bottle of natural wine and are catching the last light slithering down the escarpment and vanishing in the gumtrees. I'll remember this beautiful day in our little corner of this vast world, with so much gratitude. xxx / #librafullmoon #fullmoonday #wholisticluxury

/ Look what I found busting through the cracks of the Bondi Road foot path! / Smokey licorice scented Immortelle, or Helichrysum, the sleeping giant of Mediterranean herbal medicine. The name Helichrysum (from the Greek helios = sun and krysos = gold) pays tribute to the bright yellow flower heads, which are remarkably persistent in the dried plant. / These little gems look different to the Helichrysum Italicum we're growing in Kangaroo Valley for my ZEN MATCHA CASHMERE. Maybe they're another one of the 500 odd family members of the genus, or maybe they're just degenerated by city pollutants and glyphosate spraying, which our local council still thinks is a legit thing to do. / But there's change about people, and, as usual, it's coming from the community. Check out @myorganicschool for details on anti-herbicide activism, and a current motion lodged with Waverley Council. / #immortelle #helichrysum #nolyphosate #nomonsanto #noroundup #wholisticluxury

/ ZEN: THE JOY OF MISSING OUT. On Pisces New Moon, day dreaming, soul searching, aimless wandering and idleness is what we need. / ... Said the woman who ordered her dreamy wanderlustig Pisces man Christo home from last night to be in top form for sewing a massive stash of packaging this morning. / Alas, I ended up stitching them anyway cause I didn’t have the heart to wake him up... 💫😉 / Image via @mvmt / #takeyourownmedicine #zen #piscesnewmoon #thejoyofmissingout #wholisticluxury #wholisticluxuryskincare

| treatment love | K U N D A L I N I Soothing. Restorative. Profound. Ideal for emotionally exhausted souls, this nurturing experience has an extraordinarily restorative effect on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Ancient massage techniques, resonate oils, warm flower & himalayan salt poultices and sound healing release energy from the base of the spine. Tension is lifted, negativity released and the body is brought back into an amazing state of awareness, bliss and balance. Soothe and uplift your soul! call 330.705.4105 to book yours. #wholisticluxury #ilaspa #ila #yoga #ancienthealing #spa

/"The ocean is the life support system for the planet, providing 50% of the oxygen we breathe and regulating climate. The ocean is also the pump that allows us to have fresh water. It is the driving force, along with the sun, of the global circulation system that transports water from the land to the sea to the atmosphere and back to the land again"~Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson / According to ecologists in Nova Scotia, the U.K., the U.S., Sweden and Panama, the oceans will die in 2048, when all salt water fish will be extinct. Do we really have the luxury to choose anymore? / Gregory Colbert - Ashes and Snow _ #wholisticluxury

“Do not look too far for you will see nothing.” ~Dejan Stojanovic 'The Sun Watches the Sun'. / There's a deliciously dangerous life outside the 5 year plan! ☀️ / Gold eye ornament from Tanis, San el-Hagar, Egypt _ #livealittle #beinthepresent #lifeisnow #wholisticluxury

Last year, Christo and I made the decision to only use wax seals on our jars because the flat surface of the lids allows us to use plastic and vinyl free sealing wax, you know, the old school pine resin kind, the one that breaks and cracks, like any good seal should when you bend it. / Wax seals have popped up a lot in packaging over the last years, and manufacturers have brought the bendable plastic 'wax' (is it actually still wax?) to the market so products can be shipped around the world without breaking the seals. But anyone who has ever dripped vinyl containing wax knows how toxic the fumes are and how weirdly rubbery and lacklustre the plastic seals are, compared to the exceptional quality, glossy and lustrous resin wax made in Paris by J. Herbin since 1670. / Oh yes, it is so much messier! You can't use one of those handy glue guns, so it's a slower process, and quite often the resin catches fire and the studio almost burns down. But hey, I'd much rather inhale space cleansing pine resin smoke and singe my eyelashes once in a while  than contribute to the single use plastic pile. / #pineresin #sealingwax #plasticfree #wholisticluxury

/ SUMMER TIMES. @sasha_pivovarova by Tim Walker for Vogue UK January 2007 _ #summertime #summervibes #timwalker #wholisticluxury

UN . MASK Turns out all I needed to finish the formula for my ENZYMATIC HONEY MASKS was my mum to come visit from Germany.  _ Being middle aged, with skin slowly venturing towards the 'mature' realm, I am no big fan of clays or charcoal on my face. I find them incredibly drying and my skin feels taught in a very uncomfortable way, and depleted of all it's naturally protecting oils. I want deep hydration with my mask, a feeling of lasting softness, intense comfort and that heavenly 'AH, LUXURY' sensation. Not a mask that dries hard on my face and flakes off, but a Spa-at-home indulgence. _ So with the help of my alchemist mum, who taught me so much and inspired my wholistic skincare journey, I tweaked the formula to contain not only the best and purest wild raw honey of Australia, but also a fraction of the beeswax, my beloved oil extracts, medicinal raw plant powders, AND a magical potion I made called Sole. Sole is a completely sterile Himalayan crystal salt and water solution, a powerhouse of vital trace minerals that help our body transport nutrients, ensure speedy cell regeneration, balance fluid and sebum, and support hundreds of biological functions. It gives slip and that luxuriously velvet, gel-like texture to our masks and is a fantastic acne and breakout treatment. _ Labels are arriving next week, sign up to our luxe list to be notified when the masks will be up on our website. _ Image: Mask pendant carved from pure 24 karat gold by artisans of the Baoulé tribe in Côte d'Ivoire, 1850–1865. _ #honeymask #sole #solesolution #baoulé #goldmask #rawhoneymask #enzymatichoneymask #wholisticluxury

NEW MOON . RITUAL 30% on silver-sealed night compositions, on for the next 24hrs while the Moon is hiding. Check our website for details + use code NEWMOONRITUAL at checkout.  _ Hustle aside - I am so very much feeling the emptying out today. Out of breath, out of energy, out of ideas. I've been intensely focused (or so I thought), balancing that sea-saw slide of small business, motherhood, love, work, chasing thoughts, getting stuck, dismantling, repairing, starting again... You know what I'm talking about. Forgive me, I am having a true Thank Fuck it's Friday moment. That, too, is wholistic luxury;-) Love you all, thanks for still being here, even though I haven't had the space to give you much lately. x Johanna _ #TFIF #newmoon #newmoonritual #newmoonrelease #sagittariusnewmoon #wholisticluxury

“You are aware of only one unrest; Oh, never learn to know the other! Two souls, alas, are dwelling in my breast, And one is striving to forsake its brother. Unto the world in grossly loving zest, With clinging tendrils, one adheres; The other rises forcibly in quest Of rarefied ancestral spheres. If there be spirits in the air That hold their sway between the earth and sky, Descend out of the golden vapors there And sweep me into iridescent life. Oh, came a magic cloak into my hands To carry me to distant lands, I should not trade it for the choicest gown, Nor for the cloak and garments of the crown.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust: First Part _ #geminimoonmantra #duality #geminifullmoonrising #geminimoon #gemini #faust #wholisticluxury

WISE TRAVELLER . SET Too early to talk Xmas presents?  _ PRECIOUS FACE ELIXIR, SACRED TRINITY ANOINTMENT SERUM (so very Xmas), and VELVET LIP BALM. Packaged in a recycled linen-paper wrapped box with hand-applied gold wax seal.  _ We've gone a bit next level on the eco aspect of our packaging recently by ditching the vinyl containing wax seal on our bottles for recycled paper labels. We had a LOT of emails begging us to please bring the seal back, and I was totally prepared to let these fall on deaf ears and suffer the consequences (AKA less sales), until I unearthed THIS sealing wax made with real pine resin and ground limestone, by La Societe Herbin, Maitre Cirier a Paris, since 1670. It's very hard and somewhat brittle, so won't wrap around our elixir and serum bottles, but it's perfect for gracing the lids of our balms. It also costs a bomb and takes me so much longer to drip on, but it's a joy to do and the beautiful pine fragrance of the resin imbues the studio and brings back memories of childhood pen pal letter writing. Hope you'll love. X Johanna _ #skincaretravelset #skintravelset #pineresin #recycledpackaging #xmaspresent #wholisticluxury

Uma Precious Oil Named after the yogic Mother Goddess Uma, she who nurtures and restores, this beautiful solar infusion is a poetic blend of wild rose, wild geranium, chamomile and red clover. Free from essential oils. Safe and gentle for even the most delicate of skins, perfect for pregnancy and baby. 30ml/38CHF Made with Love. DM for orders xx #uma #preciousoil #infused Oil #wholisticluxury #selfcare #skincare #suninfused #wildflowers #slowluxury #slowluxe

Soma ~ Nectar ~ Elixir The Soma Yoga Ritual Kit Lunar inspired Yoga and Sacred Self Care for Women A project from my heart, created as an offering for women, conceived of to be passed on from sister to sister, mother to daughter... A portal into my realm, my practises, synthesised into ten beautiful cards and accompanied by a handcrafted oil, elixir, tisane and chalice. More details in bio xx #lunarlove #wholisticluxury #mooncrafted #soma #yoga #somayoga #ritual #madeinswitzerland #madewithlove #ritualkit #yogini #mooncycle #moonsisters

NEW MOON . RITUAL To soften that Scorpio sting, I’m gifting one of these little votive candles today only, with all orders over $100. _ Wildcrafted beeswax, biodynamic olive oil, sun-infused frankincense and myrrh resin extract, and vanilla extract. Not a single drop of essential oil or soy wax, which greatly diminish the natural air purifying properties of beeswax, and add to our sensory overload, I find. These subtly fragranced candles are beautiful to burn while meditating, even better next to your computer while you work. _ I’ve gilded the lids with my 22 karat gold leaf Sun, so they’ll look gorgeous even after the flame’s extinguished. 50ml burns for 8-9 hours. _ While stock lasts. _ #beeswaxcandle #wholisticluxury

SUNDAY . LIGHT "Clothed With The Sun (unveiled)" By #PanosTsagaris gold leaf on canvas _ #goldleaf #sundaylight #gilding #dressedinsunlight #wholisticluxury #wholisticluxuryskincare

GOLD . LEAFING Leafing 22 karat Gold Suns on biophotonic water bottles for @beckerminty. _ Decades ago, my mum fell in love with Russia, a little university town 250km out of Moscow called 'Suzdal' in particular. We spend almost every holiday there, I learnt to speak fluid Russian, and smuggled jeans, western music CDs, marlboros and discmen into the country for our friends. Later, after school, I spend a dreamy semester at the prestigious Suzdal art school, driving tourists around in horse carts, drinking acorn coffee, brewing DIY beer from foraged hops, and I also learned to restore and gold leaf intricate religious icons.  _ I eventually gave up on the tiny one-hair-brushes, plus I saw myself more as a big stroke artist then, but I still love the lustre of Gold, love working with the impossibly thin leaf, every single on still hand beaten today, because machine just would rip the delicate texture to shreds. I love how the gold size (glue) needs to cure for 3+ days, how true gold leaf never looses it's shimmer.  _ #epireofthesun #biophotonicwaterbottles #biophotonicglass #biophotonic #goldleaf #gilding #wholisticluxury #wholisticluxuryskincare

WHAT . MOVES YOU? Is it the whispering Wind. The burning Sun. The rolling Water. The shifting Earth? Or is it an opening? A seeing? A searching? We're not Stone. We have Wind in our hair to move. Fire in our souls to fight. Water in our body to flow. Earth by our side to change. _ 'Perched Rock', Rocker Creek, Arizona. #WilliamBell 1872. _ #whatmovesyou #fightfornature #standfornature #wholisticluxury #wholisticluxuryskincare

SOUND OF . HALLOWEEN My soundtrack recommendation for facing your ancestors, ghosts, angels and demons today: 'Transmigration Of The Magus' by John Zorn, featuring Bill Frisell and John Medeski. _ Created to help the passing of Zorn’s dear friend Lou Reed through the bardo realms and released on the one year anniversary of his passing, A memorial tribute to one of Zorn’s musical mentors and one of his most touching and emotional projects—truly music of the angels. Hi Papa, I love you. x Johanna _ #halloweensoundtrack #transmigrationofthemagus #homagetothedead #johnzorn #loureed #halloween #wholisticluxury

30% SALE ENDS TOMORROW. Recycled agricultural grade (speak tough as) rubber hose and solid brass wall hook. 30% off via link in bio. Ends this weekend. _ #gardenhose #springsale #australianmade #recycled #wholisticluxury

Soma Yoga Ritual Kit A limited edition ritual kit with all you need to align your yoga and self care practices with the cycle of the Moon. Designed to be integrated with ease into even the busiest lifestyle, each practise is around twenty minutes long and is accessible to all levels of yoga experience. Featuring ten gorgeous cards, a body oil, gem elixir and porcelain and silver chalice, this ritual kit is a divine and wholistic tool conceived to accompany you through the cycles of life with greater ease and a deep sense of the sacred. Made with love and reverence in Switzerland. 240CHF Each kit sold before November 31st comes with a free 30ml spray vibrational essence! DM me orders and see link in bio for more info xxx #soma #ritual #selfcare #selflove #yoga #yogini #madewithlove #wholisticluxury #hathapuja #embodiedritual

BACK . HOME Excuse the pause everyone, we slipped off the grid for a sweet moment of riding through the South California mountains, deserts and plains. We just got back to Australia - hearts full, bags empty - so all orders will ship this week. Thanks for allowing us a much needed recharge💫 _ Once we‘ve recalibrated ourselves, I’ll post a little travel story on our blog, as we’ve discovered some off beat gems we’d love to share. _ #gowestyoungman #peterdoig #california #southcalifornia #wholisticluxury

MORNING . SUN Waking up to the glorious mountains surrounding Ojai. This magic place sends all my heart strings quivering with awe, joy and gratitude. LA - you’re a charismatic stunner, but you took my breath away, literally. Here, I have air, and space, and Nature. And soft, unchlorinated shower water, which my skin just loves. Welcome home for 3 days☀️☀️☀️ _ Staying at the serene @ojaivalleyinn _ #ojai #ojaivalleyinn #ojaivalleyinnandspa #wholisticluxury

~ Sauha Precious Oil ~ A sublime solar infusion of wild rose, peony and black locust flowers and the tiniest hint of rose essential oil. Imbued with subtle sensuality and sovereignty, made with reverence and love. DM me for more info and orders. 30ml/42CHF #precious #anointingoil #wildrose #peony #blacklocust #sauha #lalitha #goddess #selfcare #wholisticluxury #slowcrafted #suninfused

“Where have all the flowers gone?” ~ Pete Seeger ‘The Rainbow Quest’ 1960. _ Our traditional and slow method of sun-infusion (also called maceration or enfleurage), uses only a tiny fraction of the amounts of flowers needed to produce essential oils, and yields a much rounder, subtly aromatic extract that is whole and easily tolerated by skin and body without systemic side effects. _ I consider essential oils to be exquisitely precious essences, part of my home apothecary, not meditation kit. To be used with utmost restraint and respect, dosaged in homeopathic quantities, never just for their aroma, colour, or even their physical stimuli, but for their powerful psychoactive properties that activate our ethereal body. _ And while we may strive for heightened awareness and spirit connection, we must not forget that our physical body needs Earth, roots and grounding. Essential oils, like all drugs, can dismantle our wholeness, disconnect the spirit from our body when used excessively. _ #inessence #essentialoils #essence #wholisticluxury #wholisticluxuryskincare

~ Precious Yoni Oil ~ A highly medicinal blend of wildcrafted herbs, flowers, berries and sacred resins. Featuring wild chasteberry, sage, rose, red clover, yarrow, St John’s Wort and rockrose, plus sandalwood and myrhh. To be massaged lovingly onto the womb, perineum and breasts to nurture, nourish and harmonise. Hand gathered, air-dried, sun infused, moon charged and made with love and reverence. DM me for more info and orders. 48CHF xxx #yoni #yonioil #preciousoil #wildcrafted #suninfused #mooncharged #wildflowers #slowluxury #wholisticluxury #consiousliving

LA . SUN ☀️ The light here is so different to Australia! Smoother, more silky haze, and slow pouring. I can’t help myself - I’m doing a little batch of California Sun infused local herbs and petals. It’ll macerate for 10 days in the California Sun, soak up 5 days of Mexican Sun, and fully ripened by the brilliant radiance of the Australian Sun. - Question to you: what’s a quintessential Californian herb/flower to infuse? _ View from our Korea Town rooftop, so breathtaking! _ #californiasun #calisun #lasun #lasunset #suninfusion #wholisticluxury #wholisticluxuryskincare

~ Soma Precious Oil ~ A mesmerising blend of sacred frankincense and myrhh resins, wild lavender and mallow flowers, rose and rose-geranium essential oils. Charged with moonstone, opal and moonlight to induce deep serenity and insight. Please DM for more info and orders xx #somaoil #soma #nectar #elixiroflife #wildcrafted #slowluxe #wholisticluxury #anointingoil

Yoni ~ sacred blossom and herbal blend for tisane, facial steam, yoni steam or ritual bath. Featuring a stunning constellation of homegrown and wildcrafted red clover, sage, eucalyptus, yarrow, rosemary, wild rose, calendula, chamomile, lavender, linden, nettle, mint and lemon balm. A limited edition packaged in super-elegant violet glass jars. Please DM me for more information and orders xx #yoni #yonitea #yonisteam #blossom #wildcraft #soul #wholisticluxury #slowluxury #slowluxe #nature #selfcare #artisanlove

The Beauty Way A scattered bouquet of handpicked and air dried wildflowers; mallow, wild rose, millepertuis, yarrow, chamomile, calendula... All featured in my new range of soul imbued oils and tisanes...stay tuned xx #thebeautyway #wildflowers #beauty #apothecary #slowluxury #wholisticluxury #petalpower #sacredselfcare #yoni #soma #uma #sauha #surya

COMPOSITION . VS PRODUCT I always refer to my skincare as compositions, never products. Compositions are inspired, dynamic, synergistic. They are alive beyond shelf live. Like songs, they come in different interpretations, depending on seasons, celestial cycle and earth balance. Sometimes it depends on my state of mind, emotional and spiritual space when I blend. On Christo's soundtrack, on what I am reading or thinking about. Compositions live in UV light filtering miron glass, never in PET plastic bottles free. The life of my compositions starts long before they make love to your skin, it begins with the Sun, Moon and stars touching the Earth, growing plants, creating minerals, feeding animals and people, giving life. How can anything that is made with such deep consideration for the whole, for the cycle of Nature, be a product? Compositions are for people, products are for supermarkets.  _ #composition #wholisticluxuryskincare

Fragment of a King. _ #wholisticluxury

"I used the precious oil last night and I woke up with luminous skin! Thank you for making such a thoughtful beautiful product. It’s like putting cashmere on the skin. I think this oil will help my eczema this winter."~@KaCTUSsE _ Messages like this bring tears to my eyes – every time. Thankyou for the love, the honour is mine, and yes, the PRECIOUS FACE ELIXIR literally is the magic wand for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and inflammatory skin conditions. x Johanna _ Details #julianoni  _ #preciousfacelixir #preciousfaceoil #wholisticluxuryskincare

🌕🌑 Dream sweetly. _ #goodnight #wholisticluxury

EMPIRE OF THE SUN . BIOPHOTONIC WATER BOTTLE Raise a glass to the Sun with this UVA/UVB light filtering, water energising and alkaline balancing drink water bottle, featuring my hand-applied 22 karat gold leaf Sun. _ No two bottles are ever the same, and your water is not only protected from pollutants, heavy metals and pathogens, but charged with the divine vibration of the Sun. _ Presented in a black cardboard box with gold wax seal plus instructions on how to make your own sun-charged moon water (thanks @beauty.balance for the inspiration!). _ My first batch sold out before we even launched these. Ships to all 4 corners of the world. _ #biophotonic #chargedwater #energisedwater #moonwater #sunwater #wholisticluxury

"Give me honey"~Joseph Beuys _ While we're all patiently waiting for Tim to harvest his legendary honey for my Honey masks, why not raid the honeypot and go DIY! Here's the recipe for my totally simple, totally delicious cleansing honey face toner: _ 1) Make 2 cups of tea. Try chamomile if you want to soothe breakouts and inflammation, green tea for antioxidant boost, or rooibos to load up on minerals and Vitamins. But really, you can use any herbal tea you like. I find the teas I am drawn to take internally are also what my skin craves externally. 2) Stir a tiny pinch of Himalayan crystal salt into one cup and let cool while sipping the other. 3) Once luke warm, stir in about 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon raw organic, biodynamic or wild honey until completely dissolved. A little goes a long way here, it's powerful stuff. 4) Fill in a spritz bottle. You can add a little floral water if you have -I personally prefer the pure, subtle aromas of the tea - but please hold the essential oils. While beautiful, here, they'd overwhelm the fragile natural compounds, as well as skin and spirit. _ Use AFTER cleaning your face in the evening and morning. Let it dry on your face. If your composition got too sticky, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth before oiling and balming. Store in the fridge, it keeps for 3-6 weeks, but I promise it won't last you that long. Love to know how you go! x Johanna _ #honeytoner #honeycleanser #diyskincare #wholisticluxuryskincare

NEXUS . CONNECTION I'm here. You're there. And yet we're together. x _ #nexus #soulconnection #wholisticluxuryskincare

SPRING . GIVE AWAY So much to celebrate: the launch of our ELEMENTAL DAY SILK at @shackpalacerituals, last week's glowing review on @thebeautyarcana; and for me personally: life after that like-swimming-through-amber New Moon... _ So we're gifting away 3 x 50ml bottles of our sun-kissed ELEMENTAL DAY SILK to 3 blessed souls. A truly next level sun + altitude protection, sun-infused with Ashwagandha, Japanese Knotweed, Rhatany Root and Ylang Ylang, ready to roll your way. All you have to do is: • Tag 2 people in this post • Follow @lepaar • Follow @shackpalacerituals • Follow @thebeautyarcana _ Winners are drawn on Sunday. Sing it to the world lovers. _ #newmoonritual #greenbeautygiveaway #giveaway #celanbeautygiveaway #elementaldaysilk #lepaargiveaway #wholisticluxuryskincare

MY STEAMY . FRIDAY NIGHT I am offering you the most pristine, certified organic flowers in our new BLOSSOM FACIAL STEAM. Composed for trans-seasonal, mature, irritated and dry skin, this exquisite blend opens both pores and heart. Perfect self care at the end of a big week. _ Discreetly packaged in a gold wax sealed Miron glass Apothecary bottle, to protect the blooms delicate bioactive properties. Or you can chose the recycled cardboard cylinder refill box. Both options hold 400gr / 14oz of intensely aromatic, ultra potent flowers - enough for about 40 steamy Friday sessions or 20 bath immersions. _ Oh, and you can sip the delicious tea after steaming your face, I certainly do, cause I’m a recycler not a waster. x johanna _ #facialsteam #selfcare #wholisticluxuryskincare _

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Blog post is up! All the way from Australia🌟Lepaar is skin care, art, design -a spiritual experience✨blended at the full or new moon 🌛Wholistic luxury skincare 🦋 As a jewelry designer I was taken in by the packaging - 24k gold in Skincare?? Yes!! 💋I use mixed metals, like oxidized Sterling silver and gold in my designs, so I was very obsessed with the black and gold bottles🌟These will enhance any bathroom counter. Actually, three of these bottles live on my coffee table- to apply in the mornings 🌟As an esthetician I was intrigued by the ingredients-created in the sun- biodynamic and organic - this line is pure earths goodness ✨✨✨ This is such unique, grounding and calming skincare. 🌟🌟🌜🌜🌜🌜🌜Blog Post is up!🌞 Lepaar ingredients are a composition of energizing, balancing and harmonizing. ~✨Energizing~Sun infused Calendula , vanilla, olive oil, and sunlight. ~✨Balancing~cold pressed fruit oils, seed oils- like prickly pear( Barbary fig),papaya, pomegranate,sea buckthorn fruit and seed, raspberry, and blueberry oils🙏 ~✨Harmonizing~ Sacred trinity blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, and 24 k gold 🌟There is so much more, but you can read it all on their website- My very favorite is🌟 Luminous Beauty Balm- rich yellow Calendula and 15 certified biodynamic, organic and wildcrafted botanicals- soothing but not greasy and can be used by ALL skin types!👏** 🌟The Precious Face Oil is a berry delight- goes on smoothly but sinks into the skin so nicely! Perfect anti aging and protects the skin from the elements. Lightly scented from the oils of raspberries and blueberries. 🌟Hydrating Prickly Pear- also known as Barberry Fig oil- nutty scented oil for mature, dry skin. Tons of antioxidants! 🌟Sacred Trinity Beauty Serum- a roll on applicator lets you use this special blend of frankincense, myrrh and 24k gold on facial lines, on wrists and temple for extra grounding to ease the mind,and soothe the soul🌞** 🌟Velvet Face and Lip Balm- gorgeous little black jar with Lepaar signature gold stamp with double swords ✨Very soothing, hydrating to the lips- with papaya and Calendula and beeswax🌟🌟 ** gifted by Lepaar

THE . BEAUTY . BOX So incredibly honoured our PRECIOUS FACE OIL is part of @theboxwalla December Beauty Box. _ We know a distinguished, passionate, curator when we see one - Lavanya and her husband Sandeep don't just extend an invitation, they share our ethos, see our vision, and take such generous time and care telling their equally generous and beautiful tribe about us - so floored by all the curiosity and excitement, thank you all! Everyone's favourite Beauty Box ships worldwide. Link for sign up via @boxwalla _ This will be a very special Taurus Full Moon composition, imbued with grounding intentions, strong spirit and much heart. I've posted my notes on ingredients, composition, wisdom and rituals on our blog, link in bio. _ SKIN BY @LEPAAR #lepaar #lepaarskin #boxwalla #theboxwalla #suninfused #beautybox #demeter #greenbeautybox #artisanalbeautybox #wholisticluxuryskincare

VELVET . LIPS Calendula - in sync with Olive oil and Vanilla - is the foundation of all our compositions, because there's not much the world's oldest known healing plant can't do for our skin. _ In our VELVET FACE + LIP BALM, sun-infused Calendula instantly soothes chapped lips, heals blisters and relieves swelling and burning. Add exfoliating and softening Papaya, re-mineralising Himalayan Crystal salt, moisture-attracting beeswax, and, of course, our signature Sacred Trinity Blend of collagen-boosting, cell-renewing and wound-healing Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, and you have a truly next level, all-season remedy salve. _ As with all our balms and oils, a little goes a long way: the 5ml size lasts me about 2 months. _ From today until Xmas, we offer free shipping in Australia and $15 Flat rate to the US for orders over $45. _ SKIN BY @LEPAAR #lepaar # #lepaarskin #calendula #papawointment #calendulasalve #sunextracted #lipbalm #velvetlips #madewithsunlight #lightwork #wholisticluxuryskincare

LUMINOUS . BEAUTY BALM A powerful yet gently active medicinal balm. Composed to lock in moisture, regulate sebum production, calm irritated skin and interact with our PRECIOUS FACE OIL for those who love their layering. I used this balm all Antepodean winter, for extra protection and am still using it now coming into Summer for day-long hydration. _ The fragrance of this composition I thought is quite noteworthy: Soft honey with a Summer meadow herbaceous note and resinous, earthy undertones. A hint of soothing Chamomile dancing with complex Rose, accentuated by grounding Vanilla, heavenly Saffron and vibrant, I-can't-describe-this-but-I-know-it Seabuckthorn, weighted with spicy Cumin and Carrot, lifted with luminous, smokey tones of Frankincense and Myrrh. While the Prickly Pear does have a very distinctive Vanilla/Smokey wood nose so characteristic of top quality Cactus oils, it does not carry through in the formula. Same with the Raspberry, it has a very familiar Raspberry scent to it, but in the composition it strengthens the Rose rather, which is from the same botanical family. _ I will be posting scent profiles of all our compositions on our website this week to give you all the deepest insight and most illustrated picture possible. _ LUMINOUS BEAUTY BALM ingredients profile is up on our blog now. Link in bio. _ SKIN BY @LEPAAR #lepaar #lepaarskin #luminousbeautybalm #luminousbeauty #beautybalm #medicinalskinbalm #fragrance #madewithlight #wholisticluxuryskincare

GOLD . FRANKINCENSE . MYRRH I actually travelled to Germany with my beloved Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh resins stashed in my luggage. Not just because they scent my knickers, but because on January 6 - the day of the Three Wise Men (and my late Dad's birthday), I traditionally prepare my 'Three Kings Sacred Trinity' essence, which imbues all our compositions with their ancient gifts to mankind: _ Gold is the symbol of wisdom and of intelligence and was given for development of the physical body. Frankincense is a universal symbol for spiritual intuition and sacramental offering and was given for a harmonious soul life. Myrrh is the symbol of dying, the sacrifice of the earthly for the higher consciousness, and was given to enhance the spiritual development. _ It is the second year I am doing this on my Dads' birthday after he died in 2016 - I truly feel these ancient substances are his gift to me, to carry them into the world, sing their song and use them to help restore equilibrium to the Earth organism and ourselves. _ SKIN BY @LEPAAR #lepaar #lepaarskin #goldfrankincensemyrrh #threekings #threewisemen #epiphany #wholisticluxuryskincare

LUXURIOUS BODY OIL A luxurious composition of biodynamic, organic, natural ingredients, mindfully selected for their toning, firming, moisturising and harmonising properties.  _ Composed to fight stretch marks, and strengthen the skin while protecting our spiritual equilibrium. Amplified with grounding Gold, lifting Frankincense, expanding Myrrh, calming Neroli and opening Sandalwood. @sarahtammer's favourite ☀️ _ mskellybrannigan by @maxthompson _ SKIN BY @LEPAAR #lepaar #lepaarskin #luxuriousbodyoil #luxurybodyoil #bodyoil #wholisticluxuryskincare

MORE . TO LOVE For a limited time, we've supersized our 30ml PRECIOUS FACE OIL to a 50ml. In our house, that gives Christo 20ml extra to slather over his sexy 3-day-stubble without me loosing a single, precious drop of my own quota. _ Shop via link in bio. _ SKIN BY @LEPAAR #lepaar #preciousfaceoil #madetoshare #50ml #supersizeme #womenandmen #unisexskincare #forwomenandmen #wholisticluxuryskincare

SACRED TRINITY RESCUE SERUM A truly next level rescue remedy. Our signature combination of 24karat Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh provides a serious collagen boost, replenishes skin vitality, preserves elasticity, tightens pores, reduces lines, fades age spots, stimulates circulation and evens complexion.  _ Beyond the skin glow, the psycho-active properties of sun-infused Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold extracts promote sleep, relax the mind, improve focus, lift sadness, calm anxiety, and ease travel, motion and home sickness. _ SACRED TRINITY BEAUTY SERUM is now back in stock, blended on last week's Super Full Moon in Leo with sun-infused Calendula, Vanilla and Saffron. _ SKIN @LEPAAR #lepaar #lepaarskin #sacredtrinitybeautyserum #sacredtrinity #beautyserum #realskincare #rescueremedy #wholisticluxuryskincare

SACRED TRINITY . AMPLIFIED We have expanded our Sacred Trinity line by including a hand-whipped, velvet-soft SACRED TRINITY EMBALM and ultra emollient SACRED TRINITY FACE + BODY ARMOR.  _ Both are composed to protect, nourish, revitalise and activate every inch of our skin, especially as we grow older, wiser, and a little less bouncy. Hand-blended at Full Moon with high concentrations of sun-infused Sacred Trinity Blend, sun-infused Demeter Biodynamic Light Root extract, sun-infused organic Rose Petal extract, sun-infused wild-crafted Mimosa extract, cold-pressed Black Sesame and Desert Date Seed Oil. Harmonised with an ethereal note of Bulgarian Rose Otto Damask. _ Energetically, all Sacred Trinity compositions include high vibration ingredients, chosen for their resplendent psycho-active properties that open our heart, soothe our soul, lift our spirit, balance our state of mind, and harmonise our whole being in it's earthly surrounds. _ If you ever need help getting of that LA MER habit, this is it. _ Full ingredients profile is up on our blog. _ SKIN BY @LEPAAR #lepaarskin #sacredtrinity #bodyarmour #embalm #goldskincare #wholisticluxuryskincare

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