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I love them ❀️ @realelizabethho @siobhangmurphy

Had such a good time celebrating @stjude and seeing some friends. SWIPE for the star of the party ➑️

We actually really love each other and hang out together. Coolest thing last night was having people come say hi and say they love our show and that they think it’s cool we actually hang together. Invite us to your family Christmas, we’re a real fun bunch πŸ˜‚ #merryhappywhatever @netflix

A fan made this and we all love it! We are so grateful for you guys and all the support for #merryhappywhatever @netflix ❀️

THIS is not a drill. THIS is in NYC right now!! #merryhappywhatever have you watched it yet? @netflix

It’s in the stars ✨ always love seeing @drag_ink ❀️

I like watcha do to my hair.... glam time with @josueperezhair & @andrea_tiller πŸ’₯

We were clearly having no fun πŸ˜‚ SWIPE for family photos @buildseriesnyc #merryhappywhatever

Having a magical time in NYC ❄️

When playing a character you can only hope to inspire someone. Thank you for this. Thank you to all the overwhelming support on me playing Kayla. ❀️ #merryhappywhatever

I’m in a NY state of mind ✈️

Kayla trying to flirt πŸ™ˆ but with who?? #merryhappywhatever @netflix

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