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yes hi hello i’d like to trade places with me from a week ago pls

i’m posting later than i wanted to but the t-shirt just came in 🙏🏽 today is #latinaequalpay day, when latinas "catch up" to what white, non-latino men were paid in 2018. the gap is widest for latina workers, who on average earn only 54 cents for every $1 a man is paid. meaning they must work nearly two years to earn what white men earn in one year. this is unacceptable, and we need to act now. @phenomenal tee benefits @mujerxsrising, which protects the rights of migrant women. truffle and i are in full support!! #latinapower

this is truffle. she’s a maltipoo rescue. and i am officially a dog mom. big shoutout to @thelabellefoundation for bringing this angel into my life ☺️

more content for your feed. eat up, children!

exciting reveals in tomorrow’s episode 👀 hello hermosa #riverdale

🍃 @instylemexico

thank you @instylemexico 💃🏻💫

stop everything you’re doing because it is national rachel matthews day!!! happy birthday smush ♥️ so pumped that i actually get to celebrate with you this year, 2019, aka THE YEAR OF RACHEL MATTHEWS. happy death day 2u? frozen 2? looking for alaska? batwoman? we can’t keep up sis!! so much to celebrate this year and i hope you’re as proud of yourself as i am of you. love you♥️

the perfect puffer. @aritzia #thesuperpuff #aritziapartner


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