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🍓 it goes spring, summer, more summer, spooky szn, still summer but the fireplace is lit, football feast, my dog in a santa hat, I Just Started Writing The Current Year and Now I Have To Remember It’s The New One, a week of wearing a scarf, spring again, summer summer summer

you: “you know it’s a costume thing” me: “no yeah of course” also me: *runs back inside for my emergency cat ears*

not tryna be weird but my friends won the costume contest at this party 🏆 we menaced around the photo booth so hard we had to go cut open the dance floor. and then another one later. this group has brought me some of my favourite adventures; love all three of you Josephs, and Doc — you’re the future I’m here for

we gotta get outta this decade

@sarahcolonna1 was on @thereyouarepod discussing Angie coming back in Season 2 with big ol’... changes. >>> first photo is after the parade float explodes peaches on the crowd and >>> don’t swipe if you’re at work or under 18 I guess, but this was a percussive moment in the wardrobe room

watch my 24 Hours With Vogue (I got ‘em sweaty) — I’ll put the link in the bio for you lil angels

wyd this weekend? you should give yourself a good 15 minutes of self-care with @candcbycleanandclear Mask Two — nice to have a lil tlc c/o a clay mask. this cute blue guy just launched at @UltaBeauty and it’s what I needed after the last few weeks have been hectic on my skin ✨ #everydayicandc #ad #sponcon #youknowwhatitis

Honestly? No, I don’t really get approached much in airports

I had Insatiable and Grey’s Anatomy’s resident megababe @alexlandi7 on my podcast, @thereyouarepod for a sweet 18 minute chat— we discuss gratitude, stereotypes surrounding Asian American actors and masculinity, being the person you never saw on TV growing up, andddd stripping. Also features one of @insatiable Szn2’s writers Lisa, explaining how they approached creating Alex’s character Henry — link in bio 🔊

link in bio— I had a delicious talk with @insatiable creator/showrunner @laurengussis about rainbow magic, disordered eating, secret easter eggs in the show, and how her years working on Dexter influenced Patty 🧚🏽‍♀️ @thereyouarepod

legend has it if you stream @insatiable Szn2 on Netflix this weekend, all this dim sum arrives at your house. I just tried it, it actually works! fwd to 3 friends. if you ignore, you’ll be haunted by the ghost of stella rose for 20 years ):

aye girl c’mon gimme a smile

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