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What a year it has been! We ended @kaaviajames 1st year with a dramatic finish! #thewades

#thewiz Volume 1

As i walked into Staples last night to watch the @miamiheat vs @lakers i didn’t know how i would feel. Being my first game watching live since my retirement. I can honestly say i didn’t have the urge to play last night. I know for a fact now that Iam peacefully retired 🙏🏾

Had a great time in Toronto at the 15th annual Grand Cru this year. Thanks for having me @halpernwine! S/o to @dwadecellars @tgwhf 🍷 #uhngrandcru #servingknowledge

My ORIGINAL favorite girl‼️Happy 65th birthday to my beautiful mother. You have always been my number 1 fan. I remember when i was around 7 or 8 years old—you would take me to the park and tell me to “go get me a game”. We would be there all day waiting on that one game when they needed one more. Thank you for believing in me and loving me enough. I hope you feel that same love on your day. There’s no me without you. Thank you thank you thank you‼️

Happpppppyyyyyyyyy Birthday 🎊🎉🎁‼️‼️‼️ I cannot believe you are 1 years old already. Many nights i dreamed of what it would feel like to have a daughter—and this reality is wayyyy better. Thank you for bringing a different kind of joy to our lives. As the man who was choosing to help guide you thru this world i will support all your dreams—and i will love you unconditionally. I got you‼️ I love you @kaaviajames

Bring It On‼️ @kaaviajames

@wayofwade #wow8

🥂 to our first Complex Con LA‼️ Thanks to everyone who came to the booth and showed love‼️ @wayofwade @lining.official @richforever

🌼🌻🌵 @kaaviajames first 🎃 ‼️

Nino Brown‼️ Happy Halloween 🎃 ‼️

HBD Kaavs MoM‼️ You deserve all the joy & happiness in the world. Your family adores your hustle and respects your BOSSiness. You keep inspiring me daily to be GREATER! Keep showing our baby girl how a strong, intelligent, beautiful black woman looks. We ❤️ you GUW! #47

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