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New Song “These Days” December 13th

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what I never got to say... “These Days” December 13th🤐🎶

Training camp high in the mountains with the legend @shanemosley , we’ve been fighting bears (swipe to see mr. bear), conditioning in super thin air producing extra red blood cells, and working in ice cold conditions... I truly feel bad for whoever agrees to fight me next.. I am the PROBLEM CHILD💥

100,000 comments and i’ll drop it

Had a BLAST!! today at the ZOO!! #Fun #Tourism #Super

we had a blinking contest.. who do you think won?

BODY SHOT CHALLENGE w: @kingryang 😅😅😅

im simply a product of people I rock with

venge·ance /ˈvenjəns/ Learn to pronounce noun punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wronging;;;; my turn...

Time to let the fists do the talking #TeamPaul

the amount of shit we’ve fought through in the past 2 years I wouldn’t wish upon anybody - we’re warriors - lions - never satisfied - industry innovators - the only thing that can stop us is ourselves - and we’ve certainly done SO - I think it was the way we were raised - but the general public doesn’t fancy “the pauls” - we’re polarizing - controversial - opinionated - loud - f**k boys - douchebags - cringey - and the list goes on - we’ve heard it all before and twice more - but our friends, family, & fans understand us & our vision - what we’re really like as humans - not just our internet personas - we love you guys - tho our enemies pay close attention & our haters will soon straighten out - the past year or so has been emotionally & mentally difficult for both logan and I - lots of fight - lots of adversity - but we’re not here to complain & play victim - we stayed silent - dealt with our shit and let actions speak - training camp is over - and the fight less than 72 hours away & logan gets to step into that ring & show the world on behalf of our family that nothing can stop what we set out to accomplish and that we have the best fans and support system in the world - i’ll be in logan’s corner screaming along side @justinbieber while I patiently await my opportunity to decapitate @ksi


who wore it better? (swipe right)😂

should i throw another party?

devils angels

back in our high school days @brandonamato happy bday you a legend🦅

shopping for clout, strawberry lube, pregnancy tests, & hummus..

guys... ellen degeneres drank protein & made a soundcloud

dumb & dumber paul

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