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Well this is how our morning started😂 Wenn zwei Leute im Mittelpunkt stehen wollen... When two people want to have the main focus...😅

There is so much need among people. The trip to Armenia has opened our eyes again. What we have experienced up close, you can now see in our new video on IGTV. Definitely watch until the end! We want to set a sign now ... do you want to be part of it? #TogetherForBETTERDAYS Es gibt so viel Not unter Menschen. Die Reise nach Armenien hat uns dafür wieder ganz neu die Augen geöffnet. Was wir dort hautnah erlebt haben, seht ihr jetzt in unserem neuen Video auf IGTV. Unbedingt bis zum Schluss Anschauen! Wir wollen jetzt ein Zeichen setzen... Bist du dabei??? #TogetherForBETTERDAYS @goodweatherforecast @gaingermany 🎥 @alexanderronsdorf

love the people you can be crazy with. 📸 for @jolie_redaktion with @j1mo71 x @buffaloshoes

Tadaaaa those are our three shoes! Coming out on the 27th of November! What do you think? @buffaloshoes x @j1mo71 🔹▫️🔸 #notliked #bezahltewerbung

Our new YT - video is coming out today at 2pm!! We had the great opportunity to work in @tierschutzberlin for one day. We learned a lot about the job „Animal keeper“. It‘s not just about cuddling, it’s a lot of cleaning, responsibility, emotions... BIG RESPECT to all the animal keepers!! #xll

good Morning 🍂 it‘s church time

My night routine - Lena 😂

HOME @goodweatherforecast played this song a lot of times in Armenia. Having a home is so normal and natural for me. When I’m thinking of home, I’m thinking of a house. 🏠 BUT not everyone has a house or even a roof above his had. We’ve been in Armenia with @gaingermany and @goodweatherforecast some weeks ago and had the great opportunity to get to know Armenia and a lot of families which are living in containers, in bad circumstances. People help people right? If you have the chance to help people, check out the page of @gaingermany There you can find a lot of ways to help so many families and people around the world! - Lisa ♥️

Hello everyone!! Finally we can share that our shoe collaboration “BUFFALO x J1MO71 by Lisa and Lena“ is coming out on November 27th!!! We’ve designed 3 shoes together with @buffaloshoes and are so excited to show it to you and get your feedback. Stay tuned for more posts.🙌🏽 @j1mo71

Never be afraid to try something new, because life get’s boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.

Rated from 1-10 how cute is this animal please!!!! What’s your favorite animal?? #quokkas

What makes you happy? 📸 @dani_la_reske

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