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God 1st. Little brown girl with big dreams. ❗️🎼 GENTRIFICATION: THE MUSICAL! Watch our musical here 👇🏾

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to my darling doghter, welcome home

Gandhi has done so much for the world... but what did we not see him do? This is life for him today.

gandhi glow up • been reppin' and respectin' mahatma since i was little tyke

halloween is here and wintour is coming

big director energy • baby i'm in the club! the DGA (Director's Guild of America)! but my membership would not have been possible without the ladies who were up in the club before me. i bow to the persistent, the assertive, and the brilliant queens who have tirelessly made space for me at their table. i can only be here too, thanks to you, so drinks on me! and i vow to continue to scoot over to make room and opportunities for more women in media. cheers, ladies. 🥂 watch a female-led story right now. click the link in my bio, you know you're semi-curious.

liza kouchy

just got my 17th grade yearbook pics

i don't want to say i'm @ryanseacrest's inspiration/role model/personal-influencer... but he did get forehead curtains because of me

got me some forehead curtains

writing thank you cards to the 73 million of you who have watched episode 1, of season 2, of us 3, in our show, Liza on Demand • thank you to the real wizards behind the curtain who made every episode absolute magic. the view-count is crazy, but what's crazier is the amount of love, purpose, joy, levity and community that @lizaondemand has brought me, our cast, our crew... and a little corner of the world too. and to those watching, thank you for staying tuned. life has been a metaphorical and emotional rollercoaster, and you keep riding with me. i owe you many lengthy, overly-emotional captions. but i hope this one, along with our personal thank you cards arriving soon, will do for now. ❤️

stop looking at my D

double shot never looked so hot

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