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mills 🌠


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goodnight 🏹☁️

post - mind flayer fight πŸŽ† @tinarowden

sorry not sorry 😜 happy st day to our beautiful fan base. stay strange :)

omg our jobs are sm fun! happy #strangerthingsday @strangerthingstv

blue lagoon πŸ’™ #sonevajani @discoversoneva #discoversoneva

dinner on the island 🌴 #sonevafushi #discoversoneva @discoversoneva

this was the holiday of a lifetime. thank you sm @discoversoneva β™‘ #sonevafushi #discoversoneva

a star is born 🏹☁️

β™‘same dress but v different dayβ™‘


learnt that in 2nd grade ft. @cassblackbird

cozy cuddles for fall? i think yes 🏹☁️

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