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I am who I am.

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11/05/92 🦂

Life itself is krazy. I’ve learned so much about me in the last few years, I’ve been thru so much and dealt wit more than yall would ever know about but now I’ve found myself. I kno who I am. I am who I am. Year 27 is a year of understanding, awareness, and spreading love. Another year of greatness if not my best one yet. I promise this is and will be the best version of Me. Thank u for all the luv and im sending My appreciation back to all my family and friends who reached out to me today, lol this is my text back and response 😂 just letting y’all kno I got ur messages so ionnn wanna hear “u ain’t hit me back” .. to 27 🥂 20/20 I see clearly LOVE LOVE LOVE 🗣

How can I show u who I am when I’m not what u perceive me to be.

Shot my shot n I ain’t missed yet....

Never washed.... but im not new.

It’s time for y’all to stop watchin me so close.... @danielwellington

Lesssgooo... #gameday

It’s on us today champ!!! OMS @juice_landry

Are u Not entertained??? Is this not why ur here!!? 🤘🏾😤

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