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It’s called GLÜHWEIN ever heard of it? (Sub caption: do you even Christmas market bro?)

My collection of walking women grows. (As does my heart)

I have done something.

LA woman.

Hands are frozen but my heart is full. Ended my few hours in the city with a long beautiful walk with @hudsons_human and my camera did something spectacularly weird. Great day.

Happy Monday. From Beans the cowardly lion.

Good morning! Today is an important day. Everyday 700,000+ DACA recipients contribute to our communities. But today the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the termination of DACA. Today Let’s give the DACA recipients the support they give us EVERYDAY today let’s tell them that #homeishere 83% of Americans support DACA. If you are one of them. Go to the link I will province in my bio and show your support.

My ladies. They forage.

Happy Halloween from the sweetest little witch in the west. 📷 by @arrri_b

It wasn’t enough that the universe said we would be born on the exact same day of the exact same year. It wasn’t enough for us to get matching first tattoos (I know I wimped out but I got it eventually) and then again more matching tattoos when we were 30. It wasn’t enough to be the high priestess at your wedding. Or for you to be the maid of honor at mine. And this year when we were celebrating our daughters first birthday your son entered the world. So now they will get to walk this wild and wonderful path together. Just one day and one year apart. Talk about some weird cosmic balance. There is no amount of you @ladyluofthewolves that would suffice to be “enough” for me. I am constantly wanting more, more, more. That’s just what a beautiful incredible soul you are. I feel so blessed to have you in my life. And Watching you with your son is one of the greatest pleasures i have ever known. Love you sister. Happy birthday to us.

Some days are damn near perfect.

#forevermood #itsourtime

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